IMG_1859“Obedience is learning to listen to, listening to a dog until you find what is needed, rather than imposing yourself in the name of training” (The Monks of New Skete) Training gives us an opportunity to form a solid relationship between you and your dog. Our goal at Waggytails is to educate and give you, your dog's trainer, the tools to build communication, trust and mutual respect between you and your dog. We will teach you how to do this through understanding, humane methods and ideas on how to fit training into your busy schedule. We will help you turn your dog into a well behaved member of your family and society.

We base our training on the scientific methods of learning theory. We have a solid understanding of this and are consistently furthering our education to provide you with the most positive and effective tools available.

What does training mean for you? It means you have a loyal companion that pays attention, listens to you and understands and respects your benevolent leadership.



REAL LIFE OBEDIENCE. Next class: Tues Feb 5-Mar 26/19, 7:15 pm-8:15 pm$210.00 (includes Day Care Day) Training will be in an indoor environment. REAL LIFE OBEDIENCE focuses on each of the skills such as name attention, recall, sit, down, stay and loose leash walking. You will learn other skills to assist with overall manners, handling and self-control all in REAL LIFE SCENARIOS. Our trainers are also there to help you solve any problem behaviors you may be experiencing such as jumping, mouthing, chewing, etc. Upcoming classes: Wed Feb 20-Apr 10/19, Tues Sept 10-Oct 29/19, Wed Sept 25-Nov 13/19.

ADVANCED REAL LIFE OBEDIENCE. Next class: TBA.        $225.00 (includes Day Care Day) This class is designed to enforce reliability and more complex behaviors. We use specialized games to build reliability as well as supervised separation while reducing the use of rewards and increasing distractions. All dogs must have completed REAL LIFE OBEDIENCE or a comparable class. Upcoming classes:TBA

THE REACTIVE DOG.  Next class: Tues Apr 2-May 7/19, 7:15 pm-8:15 pm, $250.00 (Includes Day Care Day) This intensive 6 week class is designed to teach beginning to advanced obedience skills as well as developing the tools to ensure all owners are confident dealing in a reactive situation. This class will benefit owners of Pit bulls, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and any other large breed. Max 6 dogs per class. Our trainers are also there to help you solve any problem behaviors you may be experiencing. chewing, etc. Upcoming Classes: Tues Nov 5-Dec 10/19.

PUPPY PRESCHOOL AND SOCIALIZATION. Next Class: TBA $125.00 (Includes Day Care Day) An introduction to basic obedience and socialization, This class will allow you to discuss all areas of puppy training such as potty training, crate training, chewing, etc.Upcoming Classes: TBA.



Training gives us an opportunity to form a solid relationship between You and Your dog

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